Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I've Joined LibraryThing!

Happy New Year! It was a whim this morning. I saw on NIcki Hastie’s blog that she had a widget with random books from her library hosted by LibraryThing. I’ve heard lots of great things about LibraryThing. Ellen and her partner have logged over 8,000 books on LibraryThing. It seemed like a very nifty website and I’ve had as a goal to log all of my books. I was deterred by a recent experience with GoodReads. Allison Hedge Coke, whose who I love, invited me to share in her books at GoodReads, which is great. Alison has a couple hundred books with ratings and a few reviews. I joined, but I found it difficult to add books and the entire thing didn’t seem easy and intuitive. I wasn’t committed to adding all of my books to GoodReads.

Today when I cruised over to LibraryThing, I added a dozen books immediately off the bat. It was easy-peasy. Then I saw that they have the CueCat. I’ve heard about this - it scans ISDN numbers and then logs them at LibraryThing. I love little technology gizmos like this, especially when they only cost $20 with shipping and handling. I ordered it right away and when it arrives I’ll be doing a lifetime membership to LibraryThing. Hopefully, I’ll be easily scanning and uploading all of my books over the next few weeks.

So, stay tuned - and join in the fun at LibraryThing!

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