Monday, December 31, 2007

Joan Larkin Video

A great video is available at the Tyger Burning blog of Joan Larkin reading her crown of sonnets titled, Blackout. What I love about this video, besides hearing Larkin read, is how the camer moves around. It feels like a technologically old video and that for me makes the pleasure that much greater that it has been captured and made available on the internet. I’m appreciative of that as I don’t want our words and images to be lost.

Joan Larkin with Elly Bulkin edited Amazon Poetry and Lesbian Poetry, two books I continue to be obsessed with because of how they represent a particular moment in lesbian poetry and publishing. Larkin was, as she mentions at the beginning of the video, the publisher of Out & Out Books for about five years. The reading of the sonnet is fabulous, though the end is cut off. Larkin’s newest collection of poetry is My Body: New and Selected Poems. I reviewed it in the Lambda Book Report in the summer 2007 issue. It’s a good book and well worth your time to read.

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twilightme said...

What a terrific New Year's Eve gift. Thanks Julie.