Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New Poem in Junctures

Yesterday I received my copy of Junctures: The Journal for Thematic Dialogue in the mail. Issue #9 is on the theme of Voice. This fine, perfect-bound journal from New Zealand is a great read - and in addition to being published as a print journal, the whole journal is also available online as a PDF. You can download it at www.junctures.org. It’s quite lovely. I’m especially pleased by it because a poem of mine is included in the journal. The poem is titled, “The Former Prime Minister.”

Here is what the editor wrote about the journal: 
Now in its third year of publication, Junctures seeks to establish conversations and collaborations between people who don't necessarily already interact, by articles focusing on specific themes, rather than on specific disciplines.  Issue #9 features scholars, writers and artists from areas as diverse as general practice, ethics, art history, poetry and indigenous studies; and from geographic regions ranging from New Zealand and Norway to Alaska!  Contributors to this issue include Grant Gillett, Kirsti Malterud, Pat Hoffie, and Lina Sunseri, to name only a few.
We hope you will visit the free full-text, on-line issue of the journal and that you will pass this information on to your colleagues, associates and students.  We welcome submissions for our up-coming issues, and hope you will consider choosing Junctures as a place to submit your work.
Please visit there and read the journal if you are interested!

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