Wednesday, December 20, 2006

List, list, list, lisp

This time of year is a season of lists, many retrospective and ordered to highlight the best, or worst, things of the year. I have little to contribute to this annual phenomenon. For one reason, I have migrated my annual reflections from the end of the calendar year to the lunar year corresponding with Rosh Hashanah. It has been a great change because now at this time of year, I feel little reflective pressure. In the spirit of things, however, because indeed the spirit is pervasive, I offer this list of things that I have done within the past week:

1. Made over 60 holiday cookies - chocolate chip; ginger snaps, and rolled sugar cookies.
2. Made Reindeer Poo as well as Chex Mix - probably in excess of 12 cups of each.
3. Spent three hours with a five year old. (Yeah, I was exhausted).
4. Took one of our dogs to the vet.
5. Ate Indian food (delicious).
6. Finished one book.
7. Am immersed in three other books and loving the ability to read wantonly with no regard for other’s deadlines.
8. Shipped 20 boxes to Michigan and other places around the country and the world.
9. Handmade and mailed 75 holiday cards.
10. Completed my first official semester of graduate school, including writing two long papers.

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