Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Five Things You May Not Know About Me

The wonderful Ellen Moody has tagged me for this meme. I’ve been thinking about it for a number of days now. It is not that I have written so much on this blog that there is little to say. Nor is it that so many people are reading this blog that there is much to discover about me. Still, the challenge of the meme for me has been to excavate things that may not be known about me that are interesting and illuminating to me right now. So here are the five things that you may not know about me:

1. When I was fourteen I worked on the Vice Presidential campaign to elect Geraldine Ferraro. It was the first of many losing electoral campaigns in my lifetime. I really loved the notion of a woman being at the highest levels of elective office. I had no knowledge or awareness of the different strains of feminism at that time and so to me the ultimate feminist stance was to want a woman to be in the highest levels of the executive branch of government. Today I see other possibilities for feminist action, but still I must confess, the fourteen-year-old liberal feminist inside of me wants there to be a woman vice president or president.
2. It was around this time that I first encountered the wonderful work of May Sarton. I’m still a little mystified as to why May Sarton does not have a bigger reputation in American literature. I found her journals and her novels and her poetry so simply enchanting when I was fourteen and fifteen. I think that she was one of the first glimpses at the sort of life that I wanted to have. I understood her life to be autonomous and focused on reading and writing. That was as appealing to me at fifteen as it is to me today.
3. I’m obsessed with the history of the nuclear age from a narrowly defined feminist perspective. Part of the narrowness is that while I am interested in the entire history of the nuclear age, it inevitably leads to the history of the relationship between the US and the Soviet Union and the Cold War and that feels like a body of literature that I can’t tackle in any way so I limit my interest, my obsession about this into the realm of science and then US activism in the post World War II era. I’m working on a book on this topic and am knee deep in reading and synthesizing the history and the analysis of women’s role in the discovery of the nuclear age and the opposition to the nuclear age.
4. I collect fountain pens. I love them. I received a new one for Christmas and am right this moment covered in ink from loading it and transferring ink into an inkwell. Ever since seeing The Hours I call myself Virginia when my fingers are ink-stained. I like that.
5. It is a tie between two movies for what movie I have seen the most in my lifetime. This is not flattering to me, nor particularly intellectual or literary, but here they are: St. Elmo’s Fire and Flashdance. Yes, I have the sound tracks from both on my ipod as well.

I tag the following people for this meme:

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Laura from Wooflian Feminist Queries
Steffan, who is in HK right now and I don’t have his blog, but I know that he will send it to me when he finishes the meme.

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