Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How Feminists Still Perform the Personal

This correction came in today's Women's eNews email:

Correction: In our story, "Anti-Unpaid-Work Polemicist Riles Full-Time Moms," published on Sept. 8, we incorrectly reported that author Linda Hirshman sent her children to daycare. Hirshman informed us that a child care provider worked inside her home.

I thought that it was a very interesting window into how significant the personal is to feminists. What are we to make of this correction? Is it significant that Hirshman's children had in home child care as opposed to going to day care? Are we to feel better about her choice to work that her children were in the home and not in a public space? Are we to feel that she had more money than most working women and could employ someone to care for her children in the home? Are we to wonder if she paid taxes for that child care? Why did Hirshman inform Women's eNews of this error? What was the significance to her?

It's an interesting example of the feminist performance of the personal as well as the notions of public and private spaces.

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