Sunday, September 10, 2006

Get To Work: Linda Hirshman's Manifesto

Women's eNews is an independent news agency that covers stories of interest to women. It has some of the best coverage on women in the Muslim world that I have read anywhere. I receive their daily news story as an email. On Friday, they did a story on Linda Hirshman, which I have clipped below with a link.
Anti-Unpaid-Work Polemicist Riles Full-Time Moms
Run Date: 09/08/06
By Jeanine Plant
WeNews correspondent
Linda Hirshman has offended plenty of stay-at-home mothers with her polemic in praise of paid work and against house chores. But many also credit her for pressing a subject neglected by "workplace feminism."

(WOMENSENEWS)--Let the dust accumulate! Don't empty the dishwasher! Stop driving the carpool and get to work!
In her slim, red-jacketed book, "Get to Work: A Manifesto for Women of the World," Linda Hirshman, a retired professor of philosophy at Brandeis University, former trial lawyer and mother, argues that "the real glass ceiling is at home."
It's not the workplace holding women back, she says, it's the family, with "its repetitious, socially invisible, physical tasks."

I hadn't heard or read about Hirshman, but her book, Get to Work, sounds fantastic. She has a great website and blog, which I've clipped part of below.

Linda Hirschman on Gay Pride:

Sunday is the LGBT (hereafter, gay) pride parade in New York.
I am not gay.
But I am a fellow traveler. On their moral journey. As I said in “Get to Work,” if there is a chance to revive real feminism, the answer is in following the lessons the gay movement has taught. Indeed, everything anyone needs to know about social activism in these conservative times they can learn from the gay movement. Here are the lessons.
1. Everyone deserves to make a public life. 
2. Everyone deserves to make a private life.
3. Everyone deserves to make a family life.
4. Sooner or later, tolerance must lead to real respect.

I think that the balance between work and family may be a regular fulcrum for feminists--it is great though to see someone tipping the scale in another direction.

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