Monday, May 19, 2008

Final Paper of my MFA Degree

Today I turned in my final paper in completion of my MFA at the University of Maryland. What a feeling! (With all of the self-consciuos reference to the great Irene Cara.)

The paper is titled:

Lesbian Identity as a Conversation with the Imagined Sappho:
Apostrophe and Dramatic Monologue
in the Construction and Imagination of Lesbian Identity

and as has become my practice, I’ve linked it as a PDF here at the blog.

As always, I have lots of new ideas about how to revise this paper and what to do with it next. This one in particular is part of a much broader argument I am putting together about lesbians and poetry. There will be more over the next three and four years on this as I write toward my PhD dissertation.

Stay tuned for photos from graduation this week as well as some insight into the summer plans and goals and objectives.

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