Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beyond Masculinity

Two things interest me about this website/book. First, Beyond Masculinity seems to be filled with good thinking about the intersections of queerness and gender and I always appreciate a good read on that intersection. Second, I am interested in the publishing and distribution of it. The website is very well designed. It offers a huge variety of ways to access the information and the book. It seems easy and intuitive. I wonder if this is a future vision of book publishing. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Hey Julie -- thanks for helping spread the word. Yes, I think publishing is moving in this direction (for better or for worse). Though, in about 48 hours, over 1500 people have accessed the site. Far more than would ever touch a book published by a small publishing house -- perhaps in its entire run. It also puts it in the hands of lots of people who wouldn't bother buying this kind of book (unless assigned for a class). So I hope things go well! In any case, thanks for the linkage! - Trevor Hoppe, Editor, BeyondMasculinity.com

Julie R. Enszer said...

Hi, Trevor,

Thanks for posting. I do think that online publishing is one of the really exciting trends to get more people the great thinking and content that previously was less available. One of the things about your book and website, which I didn't write as much about yesterday as I would have liked, is how well designed it is and how well presented the material is. As we enter the world of web 2.0, I think that there is a great convergence between print and online text and the online experience is refined more to take advantage of how people read and think online.

I keep noodling this around and hope to write more later.


Kate Evans said...

Well, it seems like an awful lot of RED WHITE & BLUE. Other than that, cool! :)