Saturday, January 13, 2007

Letter to the Southern Voice Editor

This is a fabulous letter to Southern Voice about my column there Stop Using Sex as a Weapon.

Foley, Haggard not victims of gay ‘sex panic’
Re “Stop using sex as a weapon” (viewpoint by Julie Enszer, Dec. 8):
Enszer uses a lot of big words (Note to self: Look up metonymy) to mask a weak argument that completely misses the point. Foley, Haggard, etc. weren’t busted for being gay (or bi or whatever) but for their hypocrisy, not practicing what they (literally, in Haggard’s case) preach. It wouldn’t have mattered if Haggard (like Jim Bakker and others before him) had patronized a female prostitute and Foley had solicited sex with underage female pages. Neither man was able to live up to the ideals he espoused and put down other people for not living up to. Incidentally, she never backs up her claim that the political strategy she calls “sex panic...always damages our community.” It seems to have done more good than harm in the midterm elections.

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