Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The source of my addiction

Very sad news today in Publishers Lunch

Owner of Ann Arbor bookstore Shaman Drum Karl Pohrt will close the store at the end of June. "I feel like I've had this charmed life to sell books in Ann Arbor for nearly 30 years," he tells the Ann Arbor News (which will also close soon.) "That's a good run."

The store's site says, "On the advice of my accountant and my business manager, I am closing Shaman Drum Bookshop June 30. Despite a first rate staff, a fiercely loyal core of customers, a very decent landlord and my own commitment to the community of arts and letters in Ann Arbor, it is clear to me that the bookshop is not a sustainable business."

I spent many afternoons in Shaman Drum bookstore reading books, holding books, thinking about books, and buying books. In some ways, it is the source of my addiction. I’m very sad to learn that it is closing. How will other young dykes find poetry by Marilyn Hacker in Ann Arbor?

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