Saturday, June 07, 2008

Queer Literature Linkage

Just a collection of links as I decompress after some travel this week and going to see the LPGA tournament in Havre de Grace, MD. (I’m really crabby about how poorly the LPGA is merchandised and marketed. It’s an incredible group of athletes and a great opportunity for promoting women in sports that is completely bland and underpromoted. Sad. It was hot though in Havre de Grace today - nearly 100. We left after two hours.)

The Lambda Literary Awards covered by The Advocate. Here is a report of the Lambda Literary Foundation’s move to Los Angeles.

Controversy about The Lambda Literary Awards over at the Gay Recluse. Gay Recluse reviewed the book in question here. Christopher Hennessey at Outside the Lines weighed in on his blog here. I’m torn about these questions. Part of me wants to be separatist in the inclination of preserving the Lambda Literary Awards for queer writers, but perhaps due to the influence of Judith Butler, I also take the perspective that excellent books that deal with gay and lesbian people and issues should be recognized regardless of the sexual orientation of the author in question. I see all sides and don’t have easy answers.

Meanwhile, the GLBT encyclopedia to which I contributed is scheduled to come out.

Also, I’ve just learned that a paper of mine was accepted for Lifting Belly High: Women Poets Since 1900. I promised myself I would travel less next semester and not do any conferences, but this one was just too good to pass up. It looks excellent!

Congratulations to Kate Evans who just announced that her first novel has been accepted for publication! I’m thrilled for you Kate.


thegayrecluse said...

Hey Julie--thanks for the link. I just want to emphasize that my objections to Aciman's book and the corresponding award have nothing to do with whether he's gay/straight/whatever -- and for the record, I don't think it should be relevant -- but because I didn't like the book, mostly because it rang very false to me (and in an unconsciously homophobic way, i.e., I don't think Aciman is consciously homophobic, but it seeps into his writing). I hope that you and your readers will actually take the time to read my review, which makes this quite clear.

And just to put my money where my mouth is, I consider Peter Nadas' Book of Memories to be one of the masterpieces of gay-voiced, post-war literature, and as far as I know, he's not gay, either.

My review:


Matt aka The Gay Recluse

KATE EVANS said...

HI Julie,

Thanks!! :) It's wonderful to have your support.

I contributed to that encyclopedia too (and someone wrote an entry on me). I think it's going to be a fantastic project.

Julie R. Enszer said...

Thanks, Matt and Kate, for your comments. You both have great blogs that I've been enjoying in recent days!