Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Project from Stacy Bias: The Fat Experience

Sweet friends and talented associates -

Thanks for taking the time to read this. :) If you're receiving this
email, it is because you have stayed on this list as a means of being
notified about new/upcoming projects in the afterlife of

I wanted to let you know that I've recently launched a new project
that I'm very excited about!

The new project is called "The Fat Experience Project." and you can
view it here:

The Fat Experience

The goal of the Fat Experience Project is to map the global
experience of fat in a way that is human, has a face, a heart, a mind,
a body and a voice.
The Fat Experience Project is an oral, visual and written history
project which seeks to be a humanizing force in body image activism.
By collecting and sharing the many and varied stories of individuals
of size, the Fat Experience Project® seeks to engage with, educate,
empower and enrich the lives of people of size, our allies and the
world at large.

As the project grows, it will be filled with first-person,
non-fiction narratives (in text, video or mp3 format) that speak to
the many and varied aspects of the life lived large.
Some of the content will come from interviews already gathered on my
extensive 2-month road trip (with the lovely Val Garrison) in both
audio and video format. Some content will come from trips on the
horizon. Most content will be submitted via the website by readers
such as yourself.

It is my hope that the project will be a community tool to combat
prejudice/stereotype/discrimination as well as to help externalize
shame so it can discussed and dissipated. The things we keep silent
about are the things that do us the most harm. Shared burden is
lighter. I am hoping, as well, that the project may be used as a
humanizing resource for fat studies and social anthropology courses.

I am writing to ask for your help in both the promotion of and the
participation in this project. I realize not everyone receiving this
email identifies as fat. I have included everyone on this mailing
because it is my fondest hope that, ultimately, with time and
resources, this project will grow past a specific fat focus and move
toward addressing the many intersections of shame.

In the meantime, I would love your help in the form of submissions to
the project, spreading the word to friends and family, passing this
along to contacts in publication and/or fundraising help.

I also welcome comments, constructive criticism and volunteers.
Specifically, I would love to have a small crew of editors who can
help with the text submissions, or folks with a little free time who
wouldn't mind transcribing the shorter audio interviews. Anyone with
video editing experience would be a blessing as well!

Thanks for your time and energy!
Big BIG love,

Stacy Bias

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