Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Things I Want To Do

It seems counter-intuitive to think about things I want to do as I am getting ready to embark upon my PhD at the University of Maryland, but since that was a thing I wanted to do (earn a PhD) and I’m now on the path of that, it seems somehow right to think about additional things I want to do in this lifetime. So here they are, in no particular order:

1. Write and publish a number of books.
2. Visit all of the continents.
3. Spend a month in silent retreat with religious ascetics.
4. Learn Hebrew.
5. Learn Yiddish.
6. Log all of my books on LibraryThing.
7. Meet Virginia Woolf.
8. Travel to Italy, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, Turkey, China, and Chile.
9. Return to Thailand and visit the beaches.
10. Write a book-length poem.
11. Visit Israel.
12. Celebrate my 90th Birthday.
13. Celebrate my 18th Anniversary with Kim.
14. Shave all of my pubic hair.
15. Have a graduation party.
16. Be called Dr.
17. Wear the PhD gown, tassel, and hood.
18. Live with integrity.

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