Thursday, March 20, 2008

Review in The American Cuban Issue of MiPoesias

My review of Achy Obejas’ This Is What Happened In our Other Life from A Midsummer Nights Press is now available.

The American Cuban Issue of MiPoesias is online. Please click on this link to download/read the pdf :

The American Cuban Issue
MiPOesias Magazine's newly released issue showcases the work of poets of Cuban descent who live in the U.S. The results are stories spun from highways and oceans, lyric meditations on love's rough edges and potent homages to deities and to the departed. No matter the subject, these poems blend the romance and sorrows of the past with a crisp view of daily life. Edited by Emma Trelles and featuring Richard Blanco, Rita Maria Martinez, Grisel Y. Acosta, Kemel Zaldivar, Rich Villar, Sandra Castillo, Achy Obejas, Hugo Rodriguez, Mia Leonin, Adrian Castro, Diego Quiros, Kristina Martinez, Caridad Mccormick, Virgil Suarez, Suzanne Frischkorn, Didi Menendez and Elisa Albo. Cover art by Diego Quiros.

To purchase a print copy, visit
The American Cuban Issue is also available on
MiPoesias having a reading at Books and Books in Coral Gables in April. Emma Trelles will post information about the reading at

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