Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Essay at The Strix Varia

The Strix Varia is a fabulous online magazine about reading contemporary poetry. I am huge fan of Smith Browne, the editor over at The Strix Varia, and particularly send her warm wishes for the defense of her dissertation on May 18, 2007. She will be a fabulous addition to the world of Dr.-dom and most of all we can look forward to her focus on her own poetry! Smith was recently interviewed for WriteWords, a journal in the UK. You can read the interview here.

While it’s not included in the interview for non-members of WriteWords, Smith made a lovely mention of me in the interview. Here it is:

Tell us about your favourite SV writers

I'm proud to have published all the writers that are now in the SV archive, but Julie R. Enszer stands out. She has taken the brief of "reflection" upon one poem down some very quirky and amusing avenues. Not everyone submitting needs to take Julie's approach, or agree with her conclusions, but we'll be very interested to see more submissions that take chances, stretch the brief, and fiddle with the definitions of "reflection" and "close-reading." Just be yourself and share your experiences with the work in your own way. There's no one template to follow.

How sweet is that? I love “very quirky and amusing avenues.” That about sums me up!

Meanwhile, I have a new essay at The Strix Varia. Check it out and be sure to read the full magazine here.

P.S. As the magazine, The Strix Varia, is based in the UK, I’m thinking that I might get the T-shirt, “I’m big in Europe.” That and the fact that a column of mine is going to be printed in a magazine in Nepal has my head just a little large this week. (More about that later. Including the T-shirt, “I’m big in Nepal,” which I think I’ll just sell through my website.)

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