Friday, November 17, 2006


On Wednesday night, while drinking bourbon, I sent an ecstatic email to all of my friends about being on Alternet. It seemed like a fine thing to do and I’ll confess, I wanted some sugar. (This has been one of my mantras of the semester: give me some sugar. Alas, we seem to be on a diet, there is little sugar shared in graduate school at least to the first year graduate students.) I got lots of sugar from my friends, but one dear friend who I respect enormously was more critical.

Madame X, as she wishes to be called, wrote this:

I love you truly, I am very proud of you, but you gotta know I we are not seeing eye to eye.
        •        The most powerful institution in America is whiteness, and it has always been extremely exclusive.  I guess now quadroons are in vogue (daughters/granddaughters of Eartha Kitt, Persia White, that Thandie chick, what's her name from the Young and the Restless, etc) but still...
        •        I'm down with gay marriage but I'm not down with other families of choice (see Utah and mail orders for child brides).  I hope people include AND CONTINUE to exclude some folks and I won't take it back.
        •        Not being down doesn't make me an enemy to Dr. King, who by the way was a front man but that's another article.
        •        You're still the most famous one in the bunch!  Go Rudy!

I love my people for the sugar and for the smacks.

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