Thursday, November 09, 2006


A great blogger, Mahnaz Badihian, has written a haunting story that she published over at

When everyone is Lonely No One is Lonely

I was one of those people who was never lonely, even in I can be lonely when I don’t know the most accessible person that I know. Life did not leave me a moment to be alone with her to know her.

This is the reason I have a date with “myself.” I wanted to see “myself”, talk to her, look at her eyes, hold her hands, caress her, and get to know her.

Myself” is the one that has been with me and I have not seen her. I don’t know her. I am excited for this meeting. I was tired of loneliness. It was time to start a relation with someone. I need someone to read my poems to.

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I recently read Mahnaz’s book, From Zayandeh Rud to the Mississippi, A Voice from a Road Between East and West. You can read information about the book on her blog here:

I heartily recommend the book. The work is an intimate and personal portrait and a fascinating read.

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Anonymous said...

the full story is very haunting and beautiful. check it out