Friday, October 13, 2006

Jon Stewart on Annie Liebovitz

I’m thrilled to be planning to see Annie Liebovitz on Tuesday evening at Politics and Prose in Washington, DC. Part of what I want to see is if she looks and feels like a lesbian. I probably won’t get close enough to touch her, but still. I want to lock eyes on her and see and feel what it’s like. I was appalled at the degree that Susan Sontag was closeted in her death and the entire roll out of this book of photography by Liebovitz - from radio interviews on NPR to the cover story in Newsweek, she was cagy about their “relationship.” Jon Stewart said it the best, “You know they just have a lot of common interests, photography, literature, each other’s vaginas.” I’ve searched all of the web for this brilliant schtick in case you missed it. Click here and then endure the advertisement and about half-way through the clip Stewart talk about Liebovitz. It is worth the wait. I’ll try and report back on what it’s like when I lock eyes on her - providing, of course, that she doesn’t see me and fall deeply in love with me.

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