Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Workshop: Making (con)Texts

This workshop explored collaboration. It began with a collaboration between Kim Bridgford and Jo Yarrington. Bridgford is a poet and Yarrington is a photographer. Together they are traveling or have traveled to Iceland, Venezuela, and Bhutan. Through those travels they are creating a book that combines ten poems and ten photos. It’s fascinating to hear artists of different media work together and talk about their different and generative creative processes.

The other presenter at this workshop was Heather Milne, who is putting together, with a collaborator, a new book titled Innovative Canadian Women Poets. I went to this panel intentionally to hear about Heather’s project because I think that Canadian women poets are doing fascinating things. This is going to be a great book when it comes out in a year or so from Coach House Press and I think that Heather as a young critic and scholar is going to do great work on feminist Canadian poetics - and lesbian Canadian poetics. So stay tuned to this project for something that will be exciting soon. (Meanwhile, you can catch up on reading Canadian feminist poets: Sina Queyras, Rachel Zolf, Nathalie Stevens, and Lisa Robertson will get you started.)

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