Friday, October 05, 2007

S as in Sam, Z as in Zebra: My Quarterly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It's an exciting fall. I was called in August and assigned a class of undergraduate creative writers at the University of Maryland. It's my first college teaching experience, and I'm loving it. I developed my own syllabus for ARHU (the Maryland acronym for Arts and Humanities) 319 and am loving every minute of teaching it! We're reading all of the visiting poets to Maryland this fall - Martin Espada, Thomas Sayers Ellis, and Carl Phillipps. It will be a stimulating few months. I couldn't be more pleased. Or busy! Between working for The New Press, my own writing, and three graduate English classes, I have plenty on my plate.

Here's a quick update of my activities over the past few months.

Two Poems in Queer Collection

Gregory Kompes published a lovely anthology of contemporary queer writers called Queer Collection 2007. I was pleased to have two poems included in it - "Black Dress" and "First Kiss." In addition, I helped Gregory with some outreach and promotion of the book. As I've spent a lot of time studying the anthologies, Amazon Poetry and Lesbian Poetry, it is exciting to be engaged in a contemporary anthology. You can read more about Queer Collection 2007 here:

And submit to next year's planned edition by following these guidelines:

Video and New Postcard

I spent a few days in Vermont this summer with my writing buddies, Merry Gangemi and Nicki Hastie. Nicki videotaped much of our time together including our readings. You can see video of me reading at Tea & Poetry, organized by Merry, here:

It was a glorious experience. One of the poems that I read, "At Birth," I also printed this summer as a postcard. If you'd like me to mail you one, just reply and I'll pop it in the mail as soon as possible.

Writing about Marriage

I've written a lot about marriage lately and our hopes for the possibility of being married here in Maryland were dashed on Tuesday, 18 September 2007. It was heart-breaking, but still the work continues. You can see a variety of columns that I've written about marriage at the following links

Be forewarned, the ideas expressed are contradictory!


I'm writing a regular column, CIVILesbianIZATION, that will be regularly featured at Edge Publications. You can read the first installment here:

and check  back on the first and fifteenth of each month for the next installments.

Sinister Wisdom

The next issue of Sinister Wisdom, issue 72 on the topic of Utopia, is coming out this month and will contain an omnibus review of mine on new lesbian poetry. I write about new books by Robin Becker, Cheryl Clarke, Eloise Klein Healy, Joan Larkin, Juliet Patterson, Sina Queryas, vittoria repetto, Nathalie Stephens, and Stacey Waite. Please do check it out when it hits newsstands in your local feminist or independent bookstore - or order a subscription and support this great journal.

To order a subscription:

Editorial Work

As I write this, I'm wrapping up my work with the special issue of off our backs. It's been a delight. We're all working hard to have it mail in early December - at the latest. I've been participating a bit in the off our backs collective which is great fun. Next I'm looking forward to editing a special issue of Sinister Wisdom. The topic is Lesbian Theories, Lesbian Controversies. I think it will be a wonderful journey. If you order a subscription today using the link above, you'll receive my special issue as a part of your regular subscription.

That's it until December when I'll write after all of my papers have been submitted!

All best,


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