Monday, September 03, 2007

One of the things that inspires all of us at Woman-Stirred is women who pursue their dream of writing. Morgan Hunt is one of those women. Morgan is an active member of the Yahoo discussion group, Lesbian-Writers, which is how we in Woman-Stirred met her. In 2001, she was treated for breast cancer and one of her resolutions after that was to feed her passion for mysteries and writing. This year her first book, Sticky Fingers, was released and it is the first installment in a projected three part series known as Tess Camillo Mysteries. None of us have yet dipped into our copies of Sticky Fingers, but we’re all looking forward to this luscious lesbian mystery series and we salute Morgan Hunt for her achievements as an author and as a woman who stirs our collective imaginations!

You can read more about Morgan Hunt at her website,, and at these two websites which feature great interviews with Morgan:
We encourage you to go buy the book and let us know here what you think about it!

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