Monday, July 09, 2007


I’m taking a yoga class this summer. That’s a stretch. Pun intended. It is a six week class so it is hardly the whole summer. I’ve completed week four as of this evening. I actually like the athleticism and stretching of yoga. What I do not connect with is the meditative practice. The first few classes, when we reached the meditation portion at the end, I tried to relax my palate, though it is a hard part of the body. Then this class, I realized, this is a five to eight minute nap. So I slept. I now believe that every activity should conclude with a five to eight minute nap.

I also am filled with energy after the classes. This always reminds me of the Seinfeld episode in which George is constantly screaming SERENITY NOW! I love this episode and “Serenity Now” is a regular part of my verbal repertoire. Though after the yoga class, when I am supposed to be feeling stretched and meditative, wanting to holler Serenity Now is contraindicated. That’s me though. I don’t think I’m a candidate for a serious long term practice. Oh, well! SERENITY NOW!

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