Friday, June 22, 2007

Pride conversations

I have to admit, I’m thrilled that Steven Weinstein mentioned my column in his column in this week’s New York Blade. Earlier this week my buddy Steffan emailed me the article from The New York Observer titled, Goodbye, Mr. Chaps. The synopsis of this article is:

Few can agree on the reasons, but one thing is sure: New York’s affluent gays and lesbians are staying away from this Sunday’s Gay Pride Parade in droves, and they’re taking with them the money that has kept a 37-year-old tradition alive
Yes, I will say it: I was disappointed that The Observer didn’t mention my article. I realize that’s foolish. Why would The Observer reference an article in the Washington Blade? Still some of the ideas explored in my column are in The Observer article and some of my thoughts explain why some are staying away from pride. Although the race and class analysis in the article is an interesting one and an important contribution to the dialogue, I don’t entirely agree with it. At any rate, I read The Observer article and thought about my own column - now almost a month old. I felt sad not being part of the conversation.

Then I read the NY Blade today and stumble upon Mr. Weinstein’s column. I’m not going to refute his assessment of my article (though it is tempting). Suffice it to say, I was pleased as punch to see it. Bring it on, Mr. Weinstein, bring it on. The conversation about pride is an important one.

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